Key Bridge Collapse: Unity of Effort

As the response to the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse continues in Baltimore Maryland the unity of effort among the many agencies and organizations involved has facilitated the progress Together they have been addressing the priorities of life safety incident stabilization property and asset protection environmental and economic restoration and

The Missing Plague Vials

A true story of missing bubonic plague vials an airport bomb threat and other suspicious activities again demonstrate continued national and homeland security vulnerabilities and threats Perspectives may differ but the concerns are real and provide an opportunity to learn and prepare

Week 2 – Restoring Infrastructure and Instilling Resilience

The Key Bridge collapse was not the first of its kind and it will not be the last However there are measures community leaders can take to strengthen infrastructure and instill resilience Understanding the short term and long term goals after such an incident would help Baltimore and other communities

Key Bridge Collapse – Transportation Infrastructure and Global Supply Chain

Any incident or event can easily disrupt the supply chain whether local regional or international Time will demonstrate the transportation supply chain and other critical impacts of the Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore Here are six recommendations to ensure the plans training resources capabilities and facilities to safeguard the nation

April 2024 Eclipse – Moving From Planning Into Operations

On April 8 2024 the path of the total solar eclipse will cross much of the middle section of the United States from Mexico to Canada As solar eclipse groups move from planning to operations find out how emergency preparedness and response professionals can provide guidance to their community partners

Nation-State Activity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

The development of artificial intelligence and quantum computing has exploded in recent years However as many countries find new ways to leverage these technologies for the public good some are leveraging them for geopolitical influence cyberattacks and other nefarious reasons Find out what measures could protect against threats as these

Protecting Infrastructure – Cyber, Physical, and EMP Attacks

Imagine 3 500 spiders each with their own style getting together to create a giant web That s how this author describes the U S power grid and the complexities related to protecting the nation s critical infrastructure from cyber physical and electromagnetic pulse attacks

Commercial Facilities Sector Perspectives

Commercial facilities dominate the U S economy contributing trillions of dollars to the U S gross domestic product while employing and supporting millions of jobs Learn more about this critical infrastructure sector and its interdependencies

Multimodal Transportation Perspectives

Without transportation and communications emergency response can move at an uncomfortably slow pace enough so that life property and the environment may be unnecessarily compromised The integrated transportation network must be protected from threats and other risks

Energy Sector Perspectives

From the alarm clock that wakes people in the morning to the natural gas used to cook breakfast to the refined petroleum products powering vehicles for daily commutes the Energy Sector plays an integral role in daily life activities

Emerging Technologies, Part 5 – Legal and Privacy Concerns

This is Part 5 of a five part series on emerging technologies that can enhance the management of and response to future emergencies and disasters This part focuses on the legal and privacy concerns with emerging technologies


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